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The expansion of product 1,2-Propane Diamine has been successfully completed by Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co.,Ltd.

In October, 2013, Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully completed the capacity expansion of 1,2-Propane Diamine, the capacity now reaches 8000 metric tons per year.

The expansion plan of 1,2-Propane Diamine is one of the important task as our annual plans, Since the industrialization of the product is successed, Product 1,2-Propane Diamine was widely recognized by the users in domestic and abroad.  It was used in the fields of medicine, pesticide, textile and electronic chemicals. We successfully realized producing it in domestic and our success broke the situation of importing. As the competition situation, we got long-term business with lot of foreign customers.

Huajia Chemical will make good quality products and guarantee the best service as in the past.

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